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Trauma and Abuse Treatment Program

Life is an emotional rollercoaster filled with high points and low points as well. But, for those who have experienced more low points than others, it can be difficult to find happiness in many of life’s biggest moments. There are many different types of trauma such as mental, physical and emotional trauma. Each type of trauma can have serious effects on how a person lives and copes with their troubles. Trauma can be caused at a young age with physical or emotional abuse, or it can happen at older ages with sexual abuse, the death of a loved one or stressful situations caused by combat or natural disasters. If you’ve experienced trauma of any kind, you may not have the best coping tools to process your feelings regarding the trauma. Coping with your trauma incorrectly can result in further sorrows. If you’ve experienced trauma, you need the right support to overcome your struggles.


Learning how to cope with traumatic events requires specific approaches and perspectives, and Trauma Recovery Orlando is here to help. The professionals at Trauma Recovery Orlando know a thing or two about truly treating trauma, giving patients the emotional tools needed to keep moving forward after a traumatic situation or events. Far too many people attempt to treat their trauma alone, looking for the wrong answers in the wrong places. Self-harm, drugs, alcohol and deepening depression won’t help you move past trauma. In fact, these distractions will just keep you locked in a constant cycle that pushes you into further trauma. Trauma Recovery Orlando can help you learn how to process your feelings and needs in a safe and constructive way, helping you overcome any challenges your trauma may present.


Trauma is nothing to be ashamed of, and seeking help to treat your trauma is one of the bravest things you can do. If you or someone you know is affected by trauma, whether it’s from a current event or from a traumatic event in the past, you need to contact Trauma Recovery Orlando to learn about paths for recovery. Depression, anxiety, self-harm and drug abuse don’t need to follow trauma any longer. The knowledgeable professionals at Trauma Recovery Orlando can help you or someone you love learn how to live a happy, healthy and sober life, even while coping with trauma. To discover your personalized treatment and recovery paths, please call Trauma Recovery Orlando at (321) 333-4787. 

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